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Introducing our cutting-edge Ultrasonic Device Treatment, a comprehensive solution merging warm red therapy, cold blue light therapy, and targeted cold therapy. Harnessing the power of warm red light, our treatment aids in inflammation reduction and collagen cell regeneration, facilitating the healing of skin, nerves, and bone damage. Meanwhile, the inclusion of blue light therapy provides potent antibacterial benefits. To further enhance its efficacy, our treatment incorporates cold therapy, offering soothing relief for joint pain. Experience the synergy of advanced technology and natural healing with our Ultrasonic Device Treatment.

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What's in the box

1x Ultrasonic Device
Charging stand
Power cable
User Manual

How to use

1. *Power On/Off*:
• Long press the on/off (mode) button for 0.5 seconds to turn on the device. Upon activation, the device will go into standby mode.
• If the device is left untouched for 1 minute in standby mode, it will turn off automatically for power conservation.
• To turn off the device, long press the on/off (mode) button for 0.5 seconds.

2. *Mode Selection*:
• Lightly tap the on/off (mode) button to switch to Muscle pain mode. In this mode, the words "Muscle pain" will flash on the screen and the Heat and Red LED light will work simultaneously. The device will turn off automatically after 10 minutes in this mode if untouched.
• Tap the on/off (mode) button twice to switch to Joint pain mode. "Joint pain" will flash on the screen, and the device will use Cooling and Blue light simultaneously. The device will turn off automatically after 3 minutes in this mode if untouched.
• Subsequent presses will cycle between Muscle pain and Joint pain modes.

3. *Vibration Feature*:
• Press the Vibration button to activate the vibration feature. A vibration symbol will flash on the screen.
• Press the Vibration button again to turn off the vibration. The vibration symbol will disappear.
• Pressing the button again will reactivate the vibration feature.


Do not use the IONS THERAPY PAIN RELIEF DEVICE if you have any of the following conditions:
1. Open wounds or recent surgical scars in the treatment area.
2. Skin diseases or infections.
3. Severe sunburns or inflamed skin.
4. Metal implants or pacemakers.
5. Acute inflammation or fever.
6. Sensitivity to light (photosensitivity) or specific medical conditions that could be aggravated by light therapies.
7. Pregnancy or suspect you may be pregnant.
8. Any other medical condition for which your doctor advises against the use of this type of device.
Always consult with a medical professional before using the device if you have any underlying health conditions or concerns.

Lifetime Warranty*

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Discover the Beauty Within

IONS® Therapy Pain Relief device has been meticulously designed to cater to your muscle and joint pain needs using advanced ion therapy combined with heat and light technology.


Ultrasonic Benefits

  • Smooths out fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Improves elasticity of collagen fibers.
  • Rejuvenation of skin.
  • Aids pain relief.
  • Improves blood flow.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Reduces the appearance of age spots and pigmentation.
  • Wavelength for all skin layers.
  • Immediate results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Amazing products!!

We were at the PTSB Ideal Home Exhibition in Dublin Ireland today & purchased not only the Ultrasonic but also the Exclusive box. We were amazed when Amos explained how it could help our mothers feet pain (also ease her other pains) Amos not only demonstrated on us all the products but actually stopped the pain in our mums feet. This morning we couldn't even put socks on her feet as her soles were so painful after Amos worked his magic we could touch & hold her feet with no pain.
Amos & the team at the exhibition were all fantastic & a credit to your company.
Sarah, Kinnegad, County Westmeath Eire

It's truly a multipurpose tool.

I suffer from both eczema and joint pain, so finding a product that addresses both issues has been a relief. This ultrasonic device not only soothes my skin but also helps alleviate my joint discomfort. It's truly a multipurpose tool.


I've been dealing with foot neuropathy for years, and finding relief has been a constant struggle. But since using this ultrasonic device, I've experienced a noticeable reduction in nerve pain. It's been a game-changer for my daily comfort.

Love, It Works!

The Ultrasonic has become an absolute lifesaver for me. What I love most is how it seems to cater to all my needs, whether it's soothing my pain, calming inflammation, or smoothing out those pesky wrinkles. It's no longer just a part of my routine; it's an essential companion in both my journey to pain relief and achieving healthy, radiant skin.


As someone who struggles with joint pain, I was intrigued by the promise of pain relief offered by the Ultrasonic. I'm pleased to say that it's made a significant difference in managing my discomfort. The targeted cold therapy is especially effective after a long day.